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GIF: Michigan's last-second field goal drill actually succeeds

With the clock running down, Michigan has to hurry its field goal unit out and things go better than expected.

In a game as filled with offensive ineptitude as Michigan-Northwestern was for the first 59 minutes and 50 seconds or so, the sight of Michigan trying to run its field goal unit out for a game-tying 45-yard kick with a running clock did not inspire much confidence. That Michigan had to swap out its units in 12 seconds or less -- and then run the actual play perfectly, kick and all, made the task even more herculean.

But you know what? It turns out they practice this sort of stuff. Lo and behold:


That's WR/holder Drew Dileo with the slide into place, and everything was just about perfect: the alignment of the blockers, the positioning of kicker and holder, the snap coming with about a second left on the clock, and y'know... Brendan Gibbons' 45-yard kick from the right hash, which isn't exactly a gimme.

As color commentator (and former Minnesota head coach) Glen Mason said afterwards, "You practice that all the time, but I've never seen it work that well."

That kick sent the Michigan-Northwestern game into overtime, which based on how close the game was in regulation, may never end. Like, ever.

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