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Auburn Hail Mary beats Georgia, and the Internet melts down

RIP, Georgia's coaches.

So, Georgia-Auburn had a preposterous ending that came, frankly, out of nowhere. What could've been a fairly simple interception by Georgia instead turned into a back-breaking -- and heart-breaking -- Auburn touchdown.


But better than the ending -- well, maybe not better, but nearly as good -- were the assorted reactions to it. The reactions perfectly capture the scale of the moment, making it clear how improbable the play was.

First up, Georgia's coaches, dying -- capturing the emotions of the fanbase in a single GIF.


Second, Auburn's radio announcers perfectly captured the reaction of the masses. The call went from that of a typical play to a mix of implosion, heart attack and utter jubilation in an instant.

Third, the Internet:


Craziest ending of the year, easily.

Here are sad Georgia people:



And of course, Nick Marshall:


Yup, game of the year.

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