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Texas Tech tries to lay claim to Texas with LONE STAR uniforms

The third- and fourth-best teams in Texas will play on Thanksgiving, and Texas Tech will have to back up their uniforms' claim that the Longhorns are the fourth.

Since Texas can't play Texas A&M on Thanksgiving anymore, they now play other teams from the Lone Star State... and it turns out that other team maybe wants to make it clear that this is, in fact, also their state.


Yup, that's what Texas Tech will be wearing during the game against the Longhorns. "The Red Raiders are #ARMOURED for state-wide bragging rights," the team's FB page says -- which works, you know, if you ignore Baylor and Texas A&M and stuff.

Jokes aside, the uniforms are pretty slick. We've got flaggy-stars on the shoulders:


The socks:


And the thighs:


Texas Tech actually did home versions of these last year, too.

That said, the last time Under Armour gave the Red Raiders matching BOLD CLAIM nameplates, things didn't exactly go well: