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Syracuse coach says FSU the best team he's ever faced

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Scott Shafer's been a coach for 22 years and faced multiple top-five teams during his time in the Big Ten and elsewhere.

Jeff Gammons

Florida State clobbered Syracuse over the weekend, putting the game out of reach before the first quarter had come to an end. This is nothing new for FSU -- the Seminoles have done something similar to just about every opponent on their schedule in 2013, and that's why they are now in a position to play for the BCS Championship.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer had high praise for FSU on Tuesday.

"That terror show impressed on me the futility of my professional existence, so I have decided to retire from football and pursue an anonymous, quiet existence somewhere in the south Pacific," Shafer added. (He did not say that, though it may have occurred to him briefly during the second quarter on Saturday.)

Florida State won all eight of its conference games by at least two touchdowns, and usually by several more. The Seminoles are outscoring opponents this season by an average of about 41 points.

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