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Bret Bielema attempts to troll Auburn with swinging gate formation

The Tigers respond by possibly faking an injury.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Trailing 28-10 late in the third quarter, the Arkansas Razorbacks needed to make something happen to stay in the game against the Auburn Tigers. Facing fourth-and-three at the Auburn nine, Arkansas pulled out the swinging gate formation.


Earlier in the week, Bielema criticized Auburn and head coach Gus Malzahn for perceived inconsistencies in the Tigers' game film provided to Arkansas. The focus of this criticism was a swinging gate formation that Bielema said was not in the game film given to the school, but was instead in the television film that Arkansas studied. As it turns out, Auburn does not even use the swinging gate.

The play worked, as Brian Buehner connected with Austin Tate for a seven-yard gain, and it led to Kiero Small's two-yard touchdown run, bringing Arkansas within shouting distance.

Auburn's response? Outside linebacker Anthony Swain apparently getting kicked in the shin by a ghost.


Video via SI

Swain ended up running off the field, and July Gus Malzahn would not approve.

Later, it came out that by discussing the film problems in public, Bielema had actually committed an SEC rules violation.

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