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VIDEO: Florida State fans chant 'we want Bama' as Noles pound Miami

Florida State ranks No. 3 behind Oregon in the current BCS standings.

Every week, some brave fan somewhere in the country bows up a little bit and points a finger at Alabama.

Very, very rarely do we hear a fan base call out the Tide en masse and actually think we're talking about a fair fight. But Alabama-Florida State? Yeah, we're talking about a fair fight.

The Noles covered a record-breaking spread against No. 7 Miami, 41-14, and look to have very little left to conquer for the rest of their schedule.

There's no telling whether we'll get that game, or whether a potentially unbeaten Oregon's superior schedule down the stretch will keep the Noles out of the title game, should everybody stay perfect. But somebody's thinking about you, Bama, and that somebody's earned the right to do so.

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