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Texas Tech's Bruce Jones carted off with apparent head injury

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The Red Raiders cornerback was carted off the field after taking a knee to the side of the head.

John Weast

Texas Tech cornerback Bruce Jones was taken off the field of Thursday's game against Texas after suffering an apparent head injury. Texas running back Malcolm Brown was running a route, and Jones flew into the Longhorn's right knee with the side of his head.


The Red Raiders defender was helped by medical staff from both teams, loaded onto a backboard, and carted to the locker room for further treatment. Fortunately, Jones was moving his arms and legs while being treated on the field.

The Red Raiders are already down a defensive back, as Derrick Mays did not travel to Austin due to an injury. Ola Falemi replaced Jones, and was immediately targeted by the Longhorns on a trick play that led to a Longhorns touchdown.

The Red Raiders trial Texas 20-7 in the second quarter.

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