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Florida AD: 'Total confidence' in football coach Will Muschamp

2013 has been the worst season for Florida football in decades, but it seems that Will Muschamp will get one more chance to get things straightened out in Gainesville.

Streeter Lecka

Florida head coach Will Muschamp has received a vote of confidence from athletic director Jeremy Foley, according to Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post.

Votes of confidence for college head coaches are often preceded with the term "dreaded," but despite the Gators' wretched form this season, it really does seem like Muschamp will survive for another year. There's no way Florida will be so snakebitten by injuries again, or at least one would hope not.

The last coach to stumble like this at Florida, Ron Zook, has been the most common comparison for Muschamp. The two have nearly identical records, but Foley was quick to dismiss that talk.

The odds are against Will Muschamp coaching beyond the 2014 season at Florida, but it would seem that he will at least get the chance to dig himself out of this hole.

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