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VIDEO: Ohio State-Michigan fight includes punches, ejections, double birds

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Three ejections ensue from the fistfight, including two key offensive players for the Buckeyes.


Early in the second quarter, a fight broke out between Ohio State and Michigan, and it turned ugly in a hurry. We're talking punches thrown, a helmet getting ripped off and multiple ejections. Oh, and double middle fingers to finish it all off. Video via @11W, with GIFs and fallout below:

First, the fracas itself.



Mr. Royce Jenkins-Stone, your thoughts on this guy's headgear?


Surprisingly, only three players were relieved of their gameday duties after this: Ohio State RB/WR Dontre Wilson and starting tackle Marcus Hall, and Jenkins-Stone, a backup linebacker for the Wolverines.

And finally, Marcus Hall excused himself from the field of play in the most sportsmanlike way possible:

That is a monster double bird delivery. And to be fair, what are they going to do to Hall, double-eject him? Not like there's a Big Ten Championship Game he might be disciplined for or anything — wait, oh no.

And then there's this:

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