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Auburn AD already trying to beat Ohio State into BCS National Championship

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It didn't take long for the posturing and pleading to start.


Mere minutes after the Tigers' 34-28 victory over Alabama, Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs was already hard at work again, campaigning for his team to be pushed into the coveted No. 2 spot in the BCS instead of Ohio State.

Some choice quotes of his are below:

Even though it is entirely possible that a 1-loss SEC champion could be left out of the BCS title game -- it has already happened once after all -- Jacobs' case for Auburn should at least be considered. After all, the TIgers knocked off the former No. 1 team and boast victories over then No. 24 Ole Miss, then No. 7 Texas A&M, and then No. 25 Georgia, as well, while Ohio State has looked fairly vulnerable at times in an arguably weaker conference overall. Whether or not all of that makes Auburn better candidates for a BCS Championship Game berth remains to be seen, but it is a notion at least worth thinking about.

Of course, both Ohio State and Auburn could also lose next week in their respective conference championship games, which would render this entire debate moot. After what happened this Saturday, would that surprise anybody?

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