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Cal football locker room fight specifics unclear

A locker room altercation sent Cal freshman Fabiano Hale to the hospital. That much we know. The specifics surrounding the incident are being investigated.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Cal freshman running back Fabiano Hale had to go to the hospital after a "one-on-one" fight with a teammate on Friday. Police know the identity of the other player involved but have declined to give his name.

An anonymous family friend of the Hales' explained one version of the events to the San Francisco Chronicle's Hunter Hewitt. None of these details have been confirmed by Cal or law enforcement.

Cal head coach Sonny Dykes denied that any of the above is true.

Another outlet reports much of the same story (assuming the source is not the same family friend):

The fight occurred after a workout for players who do not travel with the team, according to the Chronicle. That includes Hale, a true freshman running back. The specifics regarding his injuries have not been made public.

In a comment on an ESPN story on the matter, an account connected to Hale's stepfather had this to say:

You are all wrong actually. Stop assuming and stop making stupid judgements. It's my stepson and the truth will come out soon. It wasn't a fight- it was 2 white kids- it was a bad situation that could have really ruined my son. The police had to be notified by the Dr since it was considered an assault- the Athletics dept WILL be dealing with this. There is a lot you all don't know, so stop thinking you do. Thnx

Hale was discharged from the hospital on Saturday, according to Jeff Faraudo of the Bay Area News Group.

The school released this statement Tuesday:

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