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Meyer: Luke Fickell 'did not interview' at Florida Atlantic

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The Ohio State head coach casts doubt on a previous report that Fickell had interviewed for the open position.

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Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer has vehemently denied reports that defensive coordinator Luke Fickell interviewed for the vacant head coaching position at Florida Atlantic University.

It would appear Meyer was joking with the second comment (you can't go undefeated and hold on to all of your assistants, Urban -- though Meyer appears to be claiming he didn't know about any interview), but Meyer's statement contradicts a previous report that Florida Atlantic athletic director Patrick Chun flew to Ohio to interview Fickell. Chun spent more than a decade at Ohio State, and Fickell's the most promising head coaching option on the Buckeyes' staff -- he was the guy tabbed as the interim head coach when Jim Tressel was fired. Chun's secretary confirmed he wasn't at the FAU athletics facility on the day of the alleged interview.

Florida Atlantic's previous head coach, Carl Pelini, resigned from the program after alleged drug use. An SB Nation FOIA request found allegations that Pelini used both marijuana and cocaine during his time with the school.

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