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Tevin Reese injury: Baylor WR breaks wrist, apparently ending college career

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The Baylor offensive weapon came back from halftime with his arm in a sling.

Cooper Neill

Update: Reese, a senior, has an NFL career to get healthy for.


Baylor wide receiver Tevin Reese suffered an apparent arm injury in the first half of the Bears' Thursday night game against Oklahoma, and will not return to the game. The extent and location of Reese's injury was not immediately disclosed, but the senior wideout returned from the locker room after halftime with his arm in a sling.

Reese, who was shut out in last season's loss to Oklahoma, left without catching a pass in this year's game as well. He has been one of the Bears' most important offensive weapons this season, catching 33 passes for 824 yards and eight touchdowns so far.

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