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Florida scores touchdown after Vanderbilt DB kicks ball back into air

Hacky sack!

Florida's offense is bad at offense. With only 17 points on the day against formerly lowly Vanderbilt and fewer yards per game this year than any other SEC team (even Arkansas!), it's clear the Gators need some help.

Help arrived in the toe of Vanderbilt defensive back Paris Head, who skillfully batted down the pass only to see it ricochet off his shoe and into Ahmad Fulwood's surprised hands.


Look at how mad Vanderbilt is about giving up a BS touchdown to Florida while leading by two scores in Gainesville. That's 2013 for you, buddy.

The bad news for Florida is that it's going to take a few more of these to knock off mighty Vanderbilt. The score remains 31-17 after a failed Gators onside kick.

It was the .500-ish, noon-y, low-stakes, mediocre SEC East version of the famed Flea Kicker, I suppose, and that's about all you can ask of this time slot.

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