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Texas A&M's Trey Williams has TD called back for unsportsmanlike conduct

The NCAA is also the No Fun League, apparently.

Bob Levey

You probably know about the unsportsmanlike conduct rule that takes points off the board for gloating before going into the end zone -- you know, the one everybody hates and thinks is stupid, because we like watching people celebrate. Luckily, we don't often see it invoked.

Today, as Trey Williams returned a 100-yard kick for Texas A&M, he had the temerity to flip into the end zone. So he no longer had a kick return TD:


Imagine. Just imagine if Johnny Manziel had done this. And imagine the Internet exploding.

Luckily, this wasn't a big deal for two reasons -- the Aggies were already up big on Mississippi State, and Manziel would complete a TD pass to Nehemiah Hicks. MAYBE MANZIEL TOLD WILLIAMS TO CELEBRATE SO HE COULD PAD HIS STATS, WHAT A SELFISH LOSER