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SEC commissioner was rooting for Michigan in Auburn press box

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Mike Slive didn't get his wish, and the SEC may now be left out of the title game.


You already know about Alabama and Auburn's insane finish, but the SEC matchup wasn't the only last-second result with national title implications. Before the Iron Bowl kicked off, Ohio State and Michigan played to the very end, with the Buckeyes holding on to a one-point lead and retaining their national title hopes.

Watching in the press box before the Tide took on the Tigers? SEC commissioner Mike Slive, who had a significant rooting interest in the game via Pete Thamel:

SEC commissioner Mike Slive's actions before the game showed he knew exactly what could happen. He rooted openly and loudly for Michigan to beat Ohio State in the press box, emoting "Go, go, go" as Michigan capped its final drive of an eventual 42-41 loss earlier in the afternoon. Realizing people were watching him watch the game, Slive joked at one point, "No cheering in the press box."

A Michigan win would have all but guaranteed an SEC team in the national title, with the unscathed winner between Auburn, Alabama and Missouri emerging to face Florida State to bring it all home. Instead, things turned out quite differently -- if Florida State and Ohio State win their conference title games, they will most likely be the two teams playing for the national championship.

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