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Saban-to-Texas report shot down, but Alabama reportedly anxious

Nick Saban taking over for Mack Brown isn't a done deal (for one thing, Brown is still technically employed), but Alabama would like to go ahead and get this whole thing over with.

Kevin C. Cox

With Mack Brown on the way out at Texas according to local and national reports, attention turns to Alabama coach Nick Saban. He's widely considered Texas' top target, no matter how feasible it might be, and has featured in Longhorns rumors for almost a year now, with reports of contact and denials along the way.

And by "reports," we mean legitimate reports from actual news outlets, not message board and talk radio stuff. Those have already had Saban leaving Texas for the NFL and returning to the SEC so he can land the Texas job. But no actual journalists had reported anything on Saban and Texas beyond the usual agent-y stuff.

So it was interesting to see this late Tuesday night, from Fort Worth Star-Telegram college football beat writer Stefan Stevenson:

I don't think anyone took it as definitive by any means, especially since it was followed with these tweets:

But it's still noteworthy that the reporting on this has reached this level. And we should trust that Stevenson's source does have knowledge of what Texas regents are thinking (whether they're actually called the "executive council of regents" or not (they're not)). But are regents always right? Nope.

CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman reports that talk is ahead of schedule. Which makes sense, considering multiple outlets are reporting Saban has an Alabama offer that would give him a massive raise, with's Gil Brandt reporting a $7 million figure -- that's what Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll makes. And Paul Finebaum reports (Paul Finebaum reports things now) Alabama's getting a little bit "uncomfortable" about Saban not signing that offer just yet.

We can theorize about what this means however we like. Saban's agent is just trying to land a raise. Saban's tired of being the focal point of an entire state's psychology. Saban wants a new challenge. Saban will retire in a couple years anyway, so he won't leave. But all we can do right now, like Alabama, is wait. And make jokes. Lou Holtz to Alabama.

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