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Big Ten announces Bo Pelini fine, OSU reprimands

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The Big Ten issued several reprimands for violations of the league's sportsmanship policy, and some postgame comments from Pelini earned Nebraska a fine.

Eric Francis

The Big Ten on Monday issued a public reprimand to Bo Pelini and fined Nebraska $10,000 for his violation of the league's sportsmanship policy. The violation in question came after Nebraska's loss to Iowa on Friday, when Pelini made clear in no uncertain terms that he didn't care for the personal foul penalty assessed against him during the game.

Pelini's emotions boiled over during the press conference after the defeat, and when asked about the penalty, he said it was a "chicken s--- call." Midway through the third quarter, Pelini swiped his hat at an official while angrily confronting him, and that drew the penalty. Pelini later apologized for his conduct.

That wasn't the only incident the Big Ten addressed Monday. A huge scuffle broke out in the second quarter of the game between Michigan and Ohio State on Saturday; there were punches thrown, and multiple players were ejected. The league issued reprimands to the Ohio State coaching staff and Buckeyes offensive lineman Marcus Hall over their actions.

Hall was one of the players kicked out of the game, and on his way to the locker room, he gave Michigan fans the finger. That gesture earned him the reprimand, while the OSU staff was reprimanded for "failing in its duty to effectively manage the process of escorting an ejected student-athlete from the playing field to the locker room."

The league concluded that the officials managed the situation appropriately, and no players involved in the fight will be suspended. Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer had already announced that he would not suspend any of the Buckeyes players involved.

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