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Steven Godfrey | December 23, 2013

Modern Hate

Behind the scenes of four college football rivalries

Modern Hate
Behind the scenes of four college football rivalries.

The Keg of Nails, where getting out is half the battle

Sometimes the death of a rivalry only makes the hate smolder hotter. Sometimes the death of a rivalry is just business.

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Clemson vs. South Carolina, the overwhelming narrative

To star in a major college football rivalry is to forever become a part of local lore, whether that means being reduced to a character or enshrined as a hero.

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The Egg Bowl, the story of who you think you are

Or, more specifically, who you want everyone to think you aren't.

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Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee, a rivalry refused

Just because two SEC programs share state borders doesn't mean they're rivals. Not even if their recent trajectories have shaken up that state's power balance. Right?

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