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Joe Southwick says he took lie detector test about peeing off balcony in Hawaii

Boise State's starting QB was sent home from the Hawaii Bowl earlier this week. Was it really for peeing off a balcony?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Senior Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick was sent home from practices and suspended for the Hawaii Bowl on Friday for undisclosed reasons. On Sunday night, it was reported he was sent home for peeing off a balcony. Yes, peeing off a balcony.

Southwick has denied his involvement, claiming he took a lie detector test and passed it once he got back to Boise. Yes, a lie detector test about peeing off a balcony. He met with the media to clear his name in Peegate 2013.

So what really happened? It sounds like someone definitely peed off a balcony somewhere in Hawaii. Whether or not it was Southwick's urine is something we'll probably never know.

Southwick's suspension puts Boise State in a sticky situation. The Broncos only dress out three quarterbacks on gameday, and his absence will leave only Grant Hedrick and Nick Patti available. Hedrick played well during the season when Southwick missed time with a broken ankle, though if he were to get injured, Patti has very little experience at the college level.

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