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How to survive the Pinstripe Bowl: Follow Louis Nix III on Twitter

Notre Dame's 29-16 win over Rutgers in the Pinstripe Bowl was not an enjoyable experience for most of us. But we were lucky to have an informed viewer watching along.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Star Notre Dame Fighting Irish defensive tackle Louis Nix III didn't get to play in his team's bowl game during his final college season. That's unfortunate for Notre Dame, but it worked out just fine for those of us who watched the game the same way he did. How often do you get to see a funny and engaging player live-tweet his own team's postseason game?

If you're just now catching up on the Pinstripe Bowl, you could try watching a recording of the game (ha ha don't do that) or looking at the box score (also NSFW), or you could just read some Nix.

Purple, as in the color Kelly's face famously turns when things go awry for the Irish on the field. It's a meme among fans and apparently players as well.

A tactical suggestion, but also likely a reference to Notre Dame's spring game, when the 340-pound Nix lined up at quarterback, called a faux-audible at the line, and thundered into the end zone.

There were lots of these score updates, all of them positive. This one came when the game reached 3-3.

That's Rutgers quarterback Chas Dodd, who ran for 39 yards in the first half, more than he's rushed for in any game in his years-long career.

Nix found multiple issues with Yankee Stadium's turf. It's a baseball stadium in December, so of course the playing surface won't be outstanding.

Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees likewise tied his own career rushing high -- with all of six yards on a single scramble.

Linemate and potential first-rounder Stephon Tuitt, who was quiet for most of this game, other than whichever play Nix was referring to here. (And his game-ending sack.)

Notre Dame had attempted five field goals at this point.

Interim Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock.

Notre Dame had just went up, 26-16, with four minutes to go.

And after the game-sealing interception with three minutes left:

And then, the ultimate big-man celebration:

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