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Sports Illustrated story claims Texas is Gus Malzahn's 'dream job'

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An anonymous source says that the Auburn head man covets the Texas job.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn has told people that Texas is his "dream job," according to a report from Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel. For now, Texas still has a coach, but the ever-mounting pressure on Mack Brown has led to speculation throughout the season that this might be his final year in Austin.

The report from Thamel may well be true. Texas is no doubt a dream destination for tons of coaches; it's a great gig. It's worth noting that Malzahn is a Texas native, but he didn't attend college in Austin or anywhere else in the state, and he has no coaching history there.

In any case, Malzahn doesn't figure to be a frontrunner for the UT job, should it become available:

There are several ways to take that. One is that Texas wouldn't be interested. Another is that Malzahn wouldn't be all that interested himself, and those Texas folks know it.

Malzahn is only in his first year as the head coach at Auburn, and he's got things pretty good right now. Considering he has a team that could win the SEC and, if things break right, play for a BCS title, this would be a rather awkward time to make an exit. Auburn's also planning to give him a raise.

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