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BCS National Championship Odds: Florida State vs. Ohio State most likely matchup

The Seminoles will be heavy favorites no matter who they play.

Sam Greenwood

With conference championship week coming up, we've got odds on which teams will square off for the national title in January, via Bovada.

BCS Exact Matchup Odds         

Florida State vs. Ohio State                   4/7

Florida State vs. Auburn                        3/1

Florida State vs. Missouri                      13/4

Any Other Matchup                                10/1

Projected Spreads

Florida State      -10

Ohio State        +10

Florida State     -12.5

Auburn              +12.5                    

Florida State      -13.5

Missouri            +13.5

Ohio State         -2.5

Auburn              +2.5

Ohio State         -3.5

Missouri            +3.5

Surprise, surprise, Florida State is heavily favored to beat Duke and make its way to the national title game, with Ohio State as their most likely opponent. The Buckeyes will have to beat a tough Michigan State team first, and the manner in which they do so could change the perceptions of a potential Ohio State-Florida State matchup.

For now, however, the Seminoles are projected to be ten-point favorites over the Buckeyes were that matchup to take place. The second most likely matchup? Florida State against Auburn, who have to beat Missouri in the SEC championship game to get there. If Missouri wins that game, they would take Auburn's spot -- either way, the Seminoles would be double-digit favorites.

Some closer national title games? Ohio State against either of the SEC teams. For that to happen, Florida State would have to lose to Duke, and it does not look like that's a likely proposition.

Notably absent from the odds? Alabama, who would need a whole lot of weird things to go their way to get to the title game.

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