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Oklahoma State kicker nails field goal during Bedlam earthquake

The ground was shaking in Stillwater, but that didn't stop one intrepid kicker from making the MOST METAL KICK OF ALL TIME

David Purdy

There was an earthquake in Oklahoma today.

So far as we can tell -- mainly from Oklahomans joking on Twitter -- nothing horrible happened.

The thing is, it happened during the Bedlam game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Not only that, it happened DURING a field goal.

And yes, Grogan nailed the 41-yarder, which is the most metal thing of all time.

Here's what Grogan's earth quake looked like:


(just joking, we made that GIF ourselves. This is what it actually looked like:


Incidentally, earthquake-during-a-field goal is one of the ways we had joked Northwestern would lose a football game. Of course, this is not the first college football-related earthquake in Stillwater: