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College Food Fight Tournament: The final four pleads for your votes

UPDATE: The championship is upon us.

Only Waffle House stands in the way of #teamchicken.
Only Waffle House stands in the way of #teamchicken.
Mike Zarrilli

An all-SEC final four was narrowly (OH SO NARROWLY) averted (I'll explain in comments) by No. 6 Bojangles' Thursday upset of No. 3 Raising Cane's, but we do have an all-Southern tournament from this point forward. Thus, today's BONUS BATTLE question is one of truly national, nay, international resonance.

The complete bracket is below, followed by today's two polls and then our BONUS BATTLE. Rules and proceedings are here, and if comments aren't loading due to all the HTML up in here, try refreshing. May the chickeniest chicken chicken!

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Polls will stay open until 3 a.m. ET Saturday.