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Possible new Oregon State logo is slightly terrifying

A potential new Beaver icon appears on t-shirts.

Mike Brisk

As reports, art director Mike Brisk leaked what appears to be the new Nike-designed Oregon State Beavers logo on his Instagram account. The logo was apparently discovered on a t-shirt.

If this is the final version, the new Oregon State logo is a drastic departure from the former logo, which has represented the school since 1997. The revamped logo would give the beaver a stealth appearance and emphasizes its fang-like teeth. While it is an improvement over the "beaver-in-distress" in the current logo, it is a far cry from the original Oregon State "smiling beaver" icon. This Beaver isn't happy. This Beaver is dangerous.

The current Oregon State logo (via

News of Oregon State's Nike-led rebranding surfaced in September 2012. Athletic director Bob De Carolis said that the school was looking at "potential new options for how we might be able to improve the marketing of our programs," and that the rebranding could include different colors, logos, and fonts. The new branding was to be unveiled in fall 2013, but might have started earlier than expected.

Oregon State has been affiliated with Nike for over a decade, despite the shoe manufacturer's close relationship with the rival Oregon Ducks.