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2013 spring college football practice schedules: National start dates and spring games

Hey, wait! Where are you going? College football isn't over. It's pretty much starting up again already.


Technically, college football's 2013 has already begun, even though it's mid-February. Spring practices were kicked off by Army, which might wrap up its entire spring camp before your team even starts (and before spring itself starts).

We're still working to fill this in (plenty of schools have yet to announce their spring practice starting days and spring game schedules), but most of the country is more or less in place as far as dates go.

All that's left to do is read a steady stream of sunshine-pumping about how your new strength program is more intense than ever, your new defensive coordinator is gonna turn these bulls loose and chips adorn every shoulder in sight. Your team will go 5-7.

But disregard that for now! It's spring time, baby!