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Alabama arrest victim speaks: 'Covered in blood,' 'still love Alabama football'

Four Alabama players are suspended after an alleged violent robbery.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The alleged victim of a crime involving four Crimson Tide football players on Monday doesn't hold hard feelings against his school's football program for the incident. Alabama student Samuel Jergens was allegedly beaten and knocked unconsious as he was robbed by Crimson Tide freshmen Tyler Hayes and Eddie Williams.

Jergens is still recovering from the attack, but the experience didn't alter his fandom, according to Melissa Brown of The Crimson White:

"This was just a matter of chance. I’m still gonna love Alabama football. I just want to deal with this case, move on with my life," Jurgens said. "I just want to get on with my education. I want to continue being happy here. I was happy here before, and I will continue being happy here."

As the Crimson White reports, players could have been charged with Class A felonies because of the nature of the attack, as Jergens was left bloodied:

"His left side of his face was gigantic," Burks said. "The jacket he was wearing and his headphones were completely drenched in blood, the bottom half of his face was completely covered in blood; he was bleeding badly from his lip. He had clearly been badly beaten."

It would be understandable for someone to harbor ill will towards a group if he or she were knocked out by a couple of its members. But this is college football fandom for you.