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Georgia football does Harlem Shake

Mark Richt has lost control of the Harlem Shake meme.

Perhaps you've noticed the Harlem Shake, the internet video phenomenon based on a dance that is not the Harlem Shake. Yes, we hate it already too.

Anyway, Aaron Murray warned us this afternoon that Georgia's football team had already recorded their version of the Harlem Shake, and, well, without further ado: 105 college football players doing an internet thing!

First off, they're just doing winter conditioning drills, nothing normal, then the drop, and then its MARK RICHT HAS LOST CONTROL OF THIS PROGRAM personified.

Georgia's swim team already did one of the better versions of the meme, and already has over a million views, so I guess that's when the Georgia athletic department decided they were done with sports and exclusively focusing on viral videos.

Secondly, I feel its important to point out that after the drop, we see Georgia's not-actually-a-live-dog version of UGA riding a moped. Yes, that's right, a moped: THE SAME MOPED EVERY SINGLE GEORGIA PLAYER SINCE 2008 HAS GOTTEN INJURED OR ARRESTED ON. It's the holy grail of SEC football arrests, and now we've found it.

Also, congrats to UGA football for having a life-sized Winnie the Pooh costume hanging around.

Also also, note: this is the last time we get tricked into writing about the Harlem Shake.