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Man in Auburn shirt claims to be Jesus, crashes into gas pump

A possible Auburn fan who claimed to be the son of God crashed into a gas pump, possibly believing his Father had abandoned him after letting Alabama win two national championships.



Here's Seth Burkett of the Decatur Daily with the story (and the beautiful photo of a Tigers fan in the midst of divine intervention) of an Auburn fan who saw a world covered with Nick Saban and wanted nothing more than to crash and burn. Possibly literally.

Minson threw his head back and repeatedly screamed "God!" before falling on the pavement as police tried to take him into custody.

"He was acting real weird," said Brook White of Athens, whose parked car was struck when the Corolla knocked a parked pickup into it. "He said his name was Jesus Christ."

Apparently, some Auburn fans still believe the Rapture is on schedule and that Gene Chizik is still head coach. Either that, or Auburn firing Chizik while subsequently hiring Gus Malzahn has provided this fan the mental clarity they need to ascend to heaven by means of head-on collisions with stationary gas pumps.

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