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Kevin Sumlin to receive honorary WWE world title belt, of course

The WWE is prepared to hand Sumlin a major award in College Station this weekend.

Stacy Revere

The WWE is in College Station this Sunday, which is the home of Texas A&M. Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin will receive an honorary world title for his outstanding work blindsiding opposing coaches with folding chairs during postgame handshakes***. It's no BCS title, but how many other college football coaches can boast such a prestigious award from the WWE?

(***May not actually be true.)

Sumlin injected new life in the Texas A&M program in his first season, ensuring that the Aggies would have a successful debut in the SEC. The Aggies finished the year 11-2, including an eye-opening win at eventual national champion Alabama, and their two losses came by a combined eight points.

Much of their success is owed to Heisman-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel, who probably deserves several honorary world titles of his own, from any number of different organizations, wrestling-affiliated or otherwise.