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Ron Prince, Dave Cohen named new Rutgers coordinators

The Scarlet Knights have found themselves a Prince.


In news that will certainly please internet users everywhere, Rutgers has named Ron Prince and Dave Cohen as its new offensive and defensive coordinators. Prince has been out of college football since 2009, as he has served as an offensive line assistant in the NFL the past three seasons. Cohen served as the Scarlet Knights' linebackers coach in 2012.

Prince has been mentioned as a possibility for every head coaching position, political office, and environmental services job by the internet since he left Kansas State after three years in 2008. The hashtag #RonP4(insert anything and everything here) has lost some steam recently as Prince wallowed as an NFL assistant, but it is sure to see a revival as the former Virginia coordinator is back in the spotlight as head of the Rutgers offense.

Prince holds a couple of important distinctions: he has scoreboard over Texas, as he has never lost to the Longhorns. Additionally, he once recruited 19 junior college players in a single class, his final at Kansas State. Even Bill Snyder would find that number to be impressive.

Cohen has no internet memes to his credit, but did work as the defensive coordinator for Western Michigan in 2010 and 2011. In all, he has eight years experience as a DC to go along with four seasons as Hofstra's head man.