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Virginia Tech kicker pepper sprays a Buffalo Wild Wings

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The Virginia Tech kicker caused the dining room to be cleared for about an hour after setting off a friend's can of pepper spray.


Virginia Tech Hokies kicker Cody Journell was involved in an incident at a Blacksburg Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday night. He supposedly set off a can of pepper spray in the restaurant. No arrests were made, and no one is pressing charges against Journell, who previously had a brush with the law before the 2012 Sugar Bowl.

Journell supposedly was showing a friend how her can of pepper spray worked when he set it off in the restaurant. The dining room had to be cleared for about an hour, and a group of scofflaws got away without paying their tabs.

A server that was there at the time thought that Journell set the pepper spray off on purpose, but wasn't aware that it would be so volatile. At any rate, it seems that there was not much harm done. Journell is either a fool for playing around with a can of pepper spray in a public place, or a fool for thinking that it would be funny to set it off.

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