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Toomer's Corner trees getting goodbye party after Auburn spring game

Auburn officials have decided to take down the two most beloved trees in college football after they were poisoned in 2010.

Toomer's Corner during better times
Toomer's Corner during better times
Robert S. Donovan - Flickr

One of the greatest traditions in college football will get one final hurrah this spring.

Auburn University has announced the dying trees on Toomer's Corner will be sent out with a goodbye party following the A-Day football game on Saturday, April 20. Fans will be free to roll the trees and take photographs for one final time before they are removed permanently.

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The trees on Toomer's Corner have been on a steady decline for quite some time now. The rolling after big games was never good for them, and once Alabama fan Harvey Updyke began poisoning them during Auburn's run to a national championship in 2010, they took a turn for the worse. Here is a recent photo taken by Auburn University:

The Oaks at Toomer's Corner

via Auburn University on Flickr

"The Oaks at Toomer's Corner have been a part of Auburn tradition for generations," said Debbie Shaw, Auburn University vice president for alumni affairs and executive director of the Auburn Alumni Association. "Their removal will in no way diminish the Auburn Spirit, which has grown even stronger during these past two years."

Even with the trees gone, Auburn has been working to gather fan opinion on what should be the next great tradition at Toomer's Corner. It is believed the rolling will continue on new, more-suitable structures that will be announced following the tree's removal in April.