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Conference realignment: Evaluating every ACC team's Big Ten compatibility

Don't blame us when you're totally unprepared to assess Clemson-to-the Big Ten rumors.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

As our own Land-Grant Holy Land points out, the latest source of realignment hoopla has a record of credibility on the topic of Big Ten expansion. And the outlet is one connected to Maryland, currently the LEAD DOMINO in the latest conference realignment excitement.

As it stands, the ACC's North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia Tech are believed to be potential Big Ten targets. Thus, we're on full realignment alert again, and it's time to examine the Big Tenliness of each ACC school, since one should be assured Jim Delany's evaluation did not overlook the many other options available:

B1G trait unB1G trait B1Gability

Boston College TV market perfect for Legends Division. SEEING AS IT IS NOT REAL Ehhhh

Clemson Biggest thrill: walking on a non-plain. Absolutely everything else. nooooooooooooo

Duke Shockingly few things. Big Ten already has a Northwestern. Sorta

Florida State You mean to say Sod Cemetary isn't already in the B1G? Distinct lakehouse flavor No

Georgia Tech AAU membership *and* NCAA probation. Big Ten already has a Purdue. I guess

Miami Near the greatest of all lakes! The Miami Hurricanes Hell naw

N.C. State Farms, son. Fired ideal B1G coach. Could be App State in disguise. NO

North Carolina AAU membership *and* NCAA probation. Wrong kind of NCAA probation. Michael Jordan is rude. Yes

Pittsburgh Rusty. Metropolitan. Sure

Syracuse Northy. Has non-Ted roof. Probably

Virginia Almost too B1G. Way too B1G. YES

Virginia Tech Lunchpails, land-grants. Wrestling, remoteness. Hopping, hilliness. Camo, cadets. I have no idea

Wake Forest You know their coach is rich. You're still amazed by how rich. Big Ten already has a Wake Forest. Wait, it doesn't? Awww