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Louisville football: Clint Hurtt accused of major NCAA infraction

Louisville may be forced to let Clint Hurtt go or face sanctions from the NCAA.

Joe Robbins

Update: It's a 10.1 violation, or a serious violation of a rule against "unethical conduct," for allegedly misleading the NCAA's investigation, Tim Reynolds reports. Jim Tressel is an example of a coach hit with a 10.1.

Former Miami and current Louisville football assistant Clint Hurtt has received a notice of allegations from the NCAA, according to Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports. So did Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith.

Miami received a notice of allegations on Tuesday that included "a lack of institutional control" coinciding with Hurtt's time at the university.

Hurtt currently serves as the associate head coach, defensive line coach, and recruiting coordinator for Louisville. If Miami's allegations are eventually upheld, the sanctions will likely include some sort of show-cause penalty for Hurtt. That would mean the Cardinals would be facing sanctions themselves if they were to keep Hurtt on the payroll. The good news for Louisville:

In Yahoo's original report exposing violations at Miami, Hurtt was accused of assisting boosters in providing impermissible benefits to recruits and players, as well as taking a $5,000 personal loan.

If the allegations in that Yahoo report are proven true, he will likely be spending some time out of coaching.