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Miami vs. the NCAA: ACC commissioner praises Hurricanes' efforts

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John Swofford complimented the Hurricanes for their conduct during the NCAA's probe into their athletics department and echoed Miami president Donna Shalala's call for an end to the case.

Geoff Burke

The University of Miami recently received a notice of allegations from the NCAA stemming from the Nevin Shapiro scandal, and school president Donna Shalala has taken a defensive stance, arguing that Miami "has suffered enough." ACC commissioner John Swofford released a statement in support of Miami's efforts to resolve the issue:

"We are supportive of Miami's continued efforts to work with the NCAA on bringing resolution to this case. Miami's cooperation throughout this process should be commended and they have self-imposed significant sanctions. They've been forthright and diligent in their efforts to fully cooperate with the NCAA and it's time for this case to be brought to closure."

Miami self-imposed a postseason ban in each of the last two seasons. And Shalala is pulling no punches after it was learned that the investigation into the school had been botched. She has called for no additional punishments, and in a recent statement, she notably wrote that the school hopes "that the Committee on Infractions will provide the fairness and integrity missing during the investigative process."

Full details from the notice of allegations have not been made public, but it has been reported that the NOA includes a "lack of institutional control" charge, which could come with significant sanctions. Miami has 90 days to issue an official response to the NOA.

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