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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert takes on FAU's prison-sponsored stadium

Stephen Colbert made his opinions known -- in character, of course -- about the Geo Group's decision to buy naming rights to FAU's football stadium.

Stephen Colbert offered his take on the FAU stadium-naming controversy on Thursday night's episode of The Colbert Report. Mainly he cracked jokes in character but managed to slip in some valid criticisms of the Geo Group's controversial past.

Here's video of the segment:

Lines of note:

"This criticism is just one of the downsides of paying millions of dollars to have people pay attention to your company... people start paying attention to your company.

"So, the money you're using to pay for these naming rights on a school building came from profits you made locking up children and occasionally abusing them?

"Brazen sexual misconduct? Well that's a natural fit with football!"

The arrangement continues to bring more high-visibility publicity to FAU and the Geo Group, which, although hypothetically what they were looking for, hasn't exactly panned out as planned. In other news, I look forward to seeing you all at Owlcatraz's Free Shiv Made From a Broken Spoon Night.

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