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Miami's Al Golden angry at NCAA: 'Huge penalty' already paid

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The Hurricane's head coach believes the team has received enough punishment related to an ongoing investigation about impermissible benefits.

Mike Ehrmann

Recruiting to the Miami Hurricanes football program is a tough task for Al Golden and his staff. The head coach must compete with other programs who are warning players thinking of heading to Miami about possible NCAA sanctions while remaining silent on the issue with those same recruits.

Golden sounded off to the Associated Press Wednesday, saying the investigation is hurting their recruiting. Golden signed just 16 players in the 2013 class, holding back scholarships in case of NCAA penalties.

"This, the life span of a college coach or a college student-athlete is so small, to have bowls taken away from you or practice opportunities reduced or championship games basically deleted, that is a huge penalty," Golden said. "I don't know how you measure that.''

Miami has still not received notice of allegations meaning the sanction process hasn't begun for an investigation that started over a year ago. The school has already voluntarily forfeited appearances in two bowl games and an undisclosed number of practices and scholarships.

The NCAA's investigation is being compromised because it appears they acquired a deposition from Nevin Shapiro's attorney, Maria Elena Perez, who was also under contract with the NCAA. Shapiro is the booster who allegedly gave coaches, players and recruits impermissible benefits whose claims first became known to the public in an August 2011 report by Yahoo! Sports. He's now serving time in prison for running a Ponzi scheme.