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College football player arrested story template: Fill in the blanks!

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__________ (player name) is expected to be suspended for a quarter against _____________ (FCS opponent).

This is a photograph of a police officer.
This is a photograph of a police officer.

Another player for ___________ (school name) has found _________ (himself/herself) on the wrong side of the law: ___________ (player name), a backup ___________ (position) for the ___________ (team name), was arrested ____________ (day of week) for _________________ (minor criminal offense).

___________ (player name), a ___________ (class year), was arrested at _____ (time) a.m. (it's always a.m.) after ___________ (dinky college town) police found him ___________ (verb). He has been ____________ (detained or released).

"We're aware of the situation and investigating," head coach ___________ (coach name) said in a statement. "I guarantee you that we here at ___________ (institution that doesn't take matters like this very seriously) take matters like this very seriously."

___________ (player name) was in line to compete for more playing time this upcoming season.

The player had written "____________________________________________" (offensive message with two to three misspellings) on Twitter shortly before the incident ________ (day of week) morning. He has since deleted his account.

The police report indicates that ___________ (teammate name) was riding a motorized scooter at the time of the incident.