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NCAA meeting features 'shouting, crying' after Miami debacle

Mark Emmert has a lot of problems on his hands these days, not the least of which being his own enforcement department, which is at odds with him over its conduct in its investigation of the Miami football program.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

When NCAA interim enforcement director Joe Duncan met with enforcement staff before starting his new job on Monday, he met a group of people both angered and confused by the actions of NCAA president Mark Emmert.

Emotions ran high in that meeting, a source told CBS Sports -- there was shouting, there even was some crying. The members of the enforcement staff believe they've been mistreated by Emmert and that their reputation has been damaged to the extent that it will make their jobs more difficult in the future.

"They look at this as [NCAA president Mark] Emmert has absolutely decimated enforcement," the source added. "Whatever reputation we had before is now -- not in the toilet -- but it's been flushed."

The animosity stems from the news that there may have been some misconduct on the part of the enforcement staff investigating the scandal at Miami. Emmert responded by launching an external investigation of the enforcement program. Vice president of enforcement Julie Roe Lach, Duncan's predecessor, was fired in February.

There is a sense among enforcement staff members that they didn't do anything wrong in the Miami case, and that's ultimately where the disconnect between themselves and Emmert lies.

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