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Unruly spring breaker to arresting officer: 'Roll Tide'

Life imitates ESPN commercial.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Spring break on the Florida panhandle. Kids flock from all over to drink bargain priced, non-premium domestic pilsners, wear brightly colored fake wayfarers, and generally act like dummies. A time honored tradition.

Sometimes things get out of hand, though, and that's usually when the cops show up and the laughs come to an end. Not so for one intrepid party animal, who was arrested with 31 others when the cops broke up a party in Miramar Beach. Rather than keep going, I'll let the story speak for itself:

"You think it's funny to be arrested?" asked an officer. "It's hilarious. Roll tide," responded the student.


Roll Tide.

H/T @MattScalici

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