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Yes, Johnny Manziel's Longhorns tattoo is fake

Apparently Johnny Manziel didn't get all tatted up on spring break.

Busted Coverage

Johnny Manziel did not get a tattoo while on spring break in Cabo, or at least not a real one. Rumors swirled about the Texas Longhorns logo on the Heisman winner after Busted Coverage came across a picture of the Texas A&M star with a group of friends at the sunny location. Mr. Football himself squelched the speculation on Wednesday:

The tattoo had some fans in meltdown mode, though many of them were Texas fans being reminded once again of missing out on Manziel. Eventually, the cooler-headed Aggie message boarders prevailed, and fans determined the skin art to be a fake even before the quarterback announced it himself.

The story would not be complete without Texas A&M's resident gif-master getting his own say in the matter. Good Bull Hunting's cuppy cup revealed an image showing a far more controversial set of tattoos on Manziel. NSFW warning: A tattoo of Mack Brown's disembodied head on anyone's chest is potentially hazardous to the health. View alone, so as not expose any innocent bystanders.

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