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James Franklin to SB Nation: Tweet 'wasn't related to any specific recruit'

SB Nation asked Vanderbilt coach James Franklin about a pair of tweets that appeared to be directed at a just-missed prospect.


Jalen Hurd, a consensus five-star running back from Tennessee, committed to the Tennessee Volunteers on Thursday morning. Hurd chose the Vols over a large field of competing programs, including their in-state rival, Vanderbilt.

Hours earlier on Wednesday night, Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin sent out a pair of tweets that, when viewed in light of Hurd's commitment, looked to some like sour grapes, though he does tweet this kind of stuff frequently:

Franklin told SB Nation's Steven Godfrey that, "This is another instance of people trying to make a controversy where there isn't one. That wasn't related to a specific recruit."

Franklin did not mention Hurd by name, saying he sent the tweet well before he found out about the news and indicating he found out about the commitment in question "through Twitter while at a speaking engagement at a middle school."

"I don't tweet when I'm angry or upset," he said.

"What that tweet was about, was that this place isn't for everybody," Franklin told Godfrey. "It takes somebody special and unique to come here, and that wasn't about any specific player. We're simply talking about the strength of our own program."

Considering how hard Vanderbilt was recruiting Hurd, the connection made sense for many.

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