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Paul Finebaum to write memoir about his radio show

Hosting a popular radio show and commanding an army of insane callers gets you more than it used it, it seems.

Big Al and an excited fan celebrate the coming of Mr. Finebaum's works.
Big Al and an excited fan celebrate the coming of Mr. Finebaum's works.
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Paul Finebaum, current non-radio host and troll god alpha and omega, has agreed to a book deal with HarperCollins to tell the story of his radio show and its effect on the SEC. By now, most college football fans are familiar with PAAAWWWLLLL's portfolio, so I'll just let him describe the upcoming project:

"There will be commentary on why the SEC is better than everyone else," Finebaum added. "It will certainly talk about the dominance of not only Alabama, but the conference. The (radio) show will be woven in and out of the book, featuring little vignettes on the callers."

Finebaum has a pretty high opinion of himself and the SEC, but is also the guy who gave Harvey Updyke a platform (several times) to talk about how he poisoned the Toomer oak trees in Auburn, which will be removed on April 23. I'm not saying Finebaum made Updyke do it, but since this is the Internet, I'm saying that Finebaum has literal blood on his literal hands, which you literally will be able to see on the pages of his book.

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