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Bobby Petrino maybe unveils chrome WKU helmets

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Sweet helmets, Bobby Petrino?

A better photo.
A better photo.
via reader Daqwan

Western Kentucky has come a long way in just a few seasons, from an epic losing streak to a prominent coach in Bobby Petrino and seven wins and a bowl berth this past season. However, they still have a little bit of a way to go in their Twitter uniform news department.

Here's what Bobby Petrino showed off Friday morning on Twitter:

I think that's a football helmet, coach Petrino! So this is what will be, err, topping the Hilltoppers this season.

I also think you're a little bit too excited about this, coach. For starters, I think that's chrome? But maybe it isn't. Regardless, if it's just plain old silver, you guys have already worn that in the past, and it's not super-impressive. All I know is that I just spent around seven minutes looking at this picture Bobby Petrino tweeted out to see if I could pick out the reflection of the person taking a photo of a shiny football helmet in the helmet itself, so I probably need to do better things with my life.

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