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Kliff Kingsbury needs Kliff Kingsbury-esque image, Lubbock T-shirt guy advises

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The college football offseason continues.

Not already dreamy enough, apparently.
Not already dreamy enough, apparently.
Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

From Deadspin's Tom Ley, a leaked memo from Lubbock clothing store owner Stephen Spiegelberg to the Texas Tech's athletic department and regents on how to sell new coach and former Red Raiders quarterback Kliff Kingsbury as "spot on in terms trend & look" and eventually get him placed at the "Oscars, Grammys, etc."

There are scads of T-shirt guy advice in there on marketing the school's logo, its ties with Under Armour, coming up with a nickname for Kingsbury ("GQ, Hollywood, Swagger"), making the coach dress like Ashley Olsen or something, taking down the Texas Longhorns by way of that Oscars stuff, and so much more T-shirt guy wisdom.

My favorite part:

I have more but I have to run to meeting. I did not proof read, because of time and you know where I am going with this Joe. I am typing as fast as my mind is thinking, so excuse my errors.

Two things:

  1. GQ "Hollywood" Swagger already is Kliff Kingsbury's image.
  2. "This is big-time college sports at its most farcical," says Ley. Why the "college?"