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Tom O'Brien playing leapfrog in a parking lot

Expect O'Brien's new team, Virginia, to lead the ACC in total persons hurdled. commenter bad brains

The sighting of former N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien's (apparent) personal semi truck in Raleigh is cause for a remembrance discussion at Backing The Pack, where the above image emerged from commenter bad brains with the following explanation:

It's summer ‘07, we are doing some random photo scavenger hunt, cruising around downtown. One of the items on the list is "most creative playing of leap frog." I spy the Notorious TOB walking down Edenton w/ what I assume is his daughter. We pull over and ask. He's happy to do it. They are not jorts. They are flip-flops. His toenails are pretty disgusting - exactly like my dad's, so I figure it must've been some Marine-bred toenail thing. That is all.

It's been on my wife's facebook photos since then. Why I didn't post this earlier... well, who knows?

And here you thought TOB couldn't have any fun that didn't involve '90s New York rap.

ht Will Brinson and Steven Muma