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America 12 Conference could be Big East's new name

The Big East has been rumored to be considering a name change, and it is reportedly considering making "America 12" its new name.

Stacy Revere

The Big East could be changing its name to the "America 12 Conference," according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy. The conference has not made an official decision yet, but is looking into changing its name following the departure of the Catholic 7 basketball schools, which will reportedly retain the Big East brand.

The name "Big East" doesn't particularly fit the conference anymore anyway, as it will stretch from Texas to Florida to the Northeast. The shifts caused by conference realignment have rendered more than one conference name as a poor descriptor, but the Big East had probably the least descriptive name of any FBS football conference.

If they do go with America 12, I mean, I guess it's accurate. It sounds kind of like a previously unreleased Fela Kuti album to me, but I freely admit that I'm strange. The name may sound a little funny, but everyone will get used to it eventually, and it also could spark a most excellent logo.

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