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Jadeveon Clowney wants to break NCAA sack record

The South Carolina Gamecocks defensive end talks about setting records, obtaining insurance policies, and his weight and his speed.


South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier allowed the media access to his defensive superstar Jadeveon Clowney on Wednesday. He revealed numerous things, perhaps none more important than his goal for 2013.

Brady Ackerman reports that Clowney aims to break the single-season sack record in college football, held by Derrick Thomas. Thomas set the NCAA record for sacks back in 1988 with 27.

So far in Clowney's college career, he's compiled 21 sacks, with eight coming in his freshman campaign and 13 in his sophomore season. Clowney sure does like hitting people in the backfield, doesn't he?

Additionally, Clowney also revealed he's obtained a $5 million insurance policy through the NCAA, which is the maximum amount allowed. Clowney weighs 273 pounds now, which is 13 pounds over what he weighed last year. His 40-yard dash is down to 4.54, which is a bit slower than what he ran in high school, although you have to imagine the added weight has something to do with that.

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